Design & Engineering

To deliver high end quality products to the worldwide operators, KT puts over tremendously effort and annual investment in into the improvement of equipment and research and development for new products under the design and engineering department. Design and R&D center has more than 150 software and hardware research engineer. KT has rich practical experience of research and development of software and hardware products, network transformation and network optimization. KT dares to innovate, and is full with vigor.

KT adhere to independent innovation, continuous investment in new products and innovative research and development projects, and actively expand the industrial space, and strive to enhance the industry sustainable development capacity, and constantly promote the enterprise from manufacturing, service to the overall solution provider transformation


These include Huawei Technologies, KT has been through the Huawei JDM joint design and manufacturing system certification, becoming one of Huawei's major suppliers, KT has strategic cooperation with Broadcom, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Morningstar Semiconductor.