HINOC Solution

KT’s HINOC Introduction

HINOC (High performance Network Over Coax) is an access network technology aimed at solving the bandwidth limit in user area especially the high speed broadband and 4K/3D high definition TV, With the development of HINOC technology, it is significant to build an effective and efficient management system for HINOC network. It takes advantage of the coaxial cable of existing cable network, which has quite a widely provides services such as SDTV, HDTV, high speed Internet and many more multiple services, features as follow:

Ultra-low delay and jitter characteristics

Transmission mean delay 2.5ms

Transmission delay jitter less

17us Dispatch unit

2.5ms resource scheduling cycle

TDMA Multiple Access Technology

Using the best performance Error

A HINOC2.0 network scenario usually consists of an head-end equipment HINOC2.0 HB (HINOC Bridge, referred to as HB) and some HMs (HINOC Modem, referred to as HM), as shown in Fig. As a head element, HB exchanges data with OPS (Optical Packet Switching) and controls all the subordinate HMs, HB mix TV RF signal and IP data signal together, use HM (Hinoc modem) to access internet, as soon as data arrive at an HB, they are modulated to a HINOC channel and delivered.


 Network structure