PLC Solution

Power Line Communication Solution

PLC (power line communication), is a kind of device which can modulate the network signal to the power line and use the power line as the communication carrier to solve the network wiring problem and the wireless signal coverage problem, PLC turns the wire into a networking cable, turning the power socket into as Ethernet port.


Uniform Wi-Fi Coverage

It’s preferred solution for big home/villa and small offices, where Wi-Fi coverage may effects because of large premises and walls obstacles; PLC offers uniform coverage to entire area structures as shown in below, which ultimately reduce the cost of project.


image.png                            image.png

   Reduce wiring network 

 For IPTV example, operator generally installing ONU/EOC devices and set-top box deploy in living room or in main hub of electrical cabin, and from that place generally set-top box of other room such as bedroom/entertainment area of office is may far, to reduce the cost of network wiring infrastructure PLC is defiantly offered solution.

 Smart Home Solution     

PLC is best solution for Smart home, single product devices such as smart light bulbs, smart sockets, and smart routers can be connect through PLC, all need to be connected to the public network through the built-in wireless function module and registered with the vendor's deployed device server (cloud platform). In this way, the user can remotely send control commands to the smart home devices in the room through the APP.